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OCXM (Operational Customer Xperience Management)

Operational Customer Experience Management (OCXM) system is a concept that describes how a company takes control of the interaction with its customers. Typically, each group in an organization will build out customer interactions from its own perspective — that of the various silos. OCXM System is about viewing and then improving the interactions between business and customer entirely based on the customer’s perspective — and across the entire journey of business relationship.

Why do this? Well, the ultimate aim is two-fold: to build customer loyalty and positive word of mouth; and to reduce customer churn and detractors who speak negatively about your business. In other words: better business results.

  • Listen to them:
    You need to find an effective way of capturing feedback from customers to understand the nature of their experience. Capturing feedback from customers isn’t always easy — but it’s the first step in understanding the customer experience, and being able to manage it.
  • Provide insights to everyone:
    Once the information on the customer experience is captured, you need to disseminate it to the right people inside your organization in a timely and relevant way. As hard as capturing feedback is, getting the right information to the right people at the right time with proper planning and implementation is still harder.
  • Guide, empower and enable:
    Finally, once the people who are responsible for delivering the customer experience have an understanding of the experience that’s being delivered, you need to guide, empower and enable them to act as to improve that experience.

Isolated Customer Experience Management Can Hurt Your Business

Call centres, Retail locations, Online are all crucial channels to your business, and, if you’re like most organizations, you probably have dedicated teams set up to manage them. And while your customers might have a preferred channel they interact with, they don’t care about the different teams and different policies you have running across in your Organisation. They’re not interested in the reasons why you’ve structured things the way you have. They just see you. Your organization. Your products and services.

If your organization is Isolated by functional group, often times your customers will have to remind themselves that they are even dealing with the same company. As they move throughout the customer journey, they aren’t treated like the same customer.

And in instances when feedback is collected from customers, the natural inclination is for silos to focus on how they performed — not necessarily focusing on the overall experience that the organization delivered. It’s not clear who should be collecting information on issues that cut across channels — let alone who should be actioning it.

Isolating customer experience management also hurts organizational growth and improvement. When successes and failures aren’t shared across a company, history has a tendency to keep repeating itself. The same kinds of customers will have the same kinds of experiences and will continue to have the same negative reactions.

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